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Restroom Specialist Distribution Tray Label Pack

Restroom Specialist Distribution Tray Label Pack

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The color coded, Restroom Specialist Distribution Tray Labels* are designed to standardize and simplify Control Cabinet set-up. Organizing an (OS1) Cleaning Team is now a snap! Each Outside Tray ID Label is color-coded to the Restroom Specialist. In addition, it is job-coded to the task, with a full color ManageMen Simon icon that matches the (OS1) Scouting Report, Field Guides, (OS1) Boot Camp Workbook and all other (OS1) training materials. The Inside Lid Contents Label lists all of the standardized products that are required to be carried by the Restroom Specialist. The text is large, color coded and readable. Space is provided to customize the number of Pacs that are needed by each Light Duty Specialist according to the unique requirements of your facility. Additional items are easily added with the P-touch labeler or China Marker (grease pencil). Each label is now UV coated for durability and protection from chemical spillage or moisture and easy clean-up. The Restroom Specialist Distribution Tray Label Pack Includes: 10 - Restroom Specialist Outside Tray ID Labels 10 - Restroom Specialist Inside Tray Labels *Designed exclusively for use with the PortionPac Distribution Tray (MFR # 43103). Distribution Trays sold separately. (REV. 21 JAN 2016)
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