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Janitor University Press

(OS1) Job Cards

(OS1) Job Cards

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These job cards are re-designed to highlight daily cleaning and detail cleaning in core areas. They are simplified to keep more accurate times per day and include an entire work week rather than just one day. The job cards are color coded to the Light Duty Specialist, Vacuum Specialist, Restroom Specialist, Utility Specialist and Day Porter. The back of the cards are revised with a more current job description that coordinates with the NEW! Absentee Staffing Form.

The (OS1) Job Cards - Workloading Pack includes the following:

25 - Light Duty Specialist job card (green)
25 - Vacuum Specialist job card (blue)
25 - Restroom Specialist job card (pink)
25 - Utility Specialist job card (yellow)
25 - Blank job card (grey)

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