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Janitor University Press

(OS1) Core Maps

(OS1) Core Maps

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These innovative new Core Maps are designed to simplify designing the cleaning route through the building. An addition to the (OS1) Workloading system to guide cleaning workers through the varying demands of "Appearance Cleaning", "Cleaning for Health" and "Deep Cleaning Projects." The front of the card is the map, the back of the card is for detailed notes and customized instructions. Core Maps are color coded to the the various specialists. Core Maps are designed to guide the cleaning worker consecutively through Cores I, II, III, and IV.

The (OS1) Core Maps - Workloading Pack includes the following:

25 ea. - Light Duty Specialist core card (green)
25 ea. - Vacuum Specialist core card (blue)
25 ea. - Restroom Specialist core card (pink)
25 ea. - Utility Specialist core card (yellow)

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