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Janitor University Press

Advanced Light Duty Terms

Advanced Light Duty Terms

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What we have in the custodial industry is failure to communicate.� This is because unlike many other professions, housekeepers and custodians don't have a professional language. It is a veritable Tower of Babel in housekeeping operations. Janitors in the United States currently speak Spanish (several dialects including Mexican, Cuban, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican, etc.), Polish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and various dialects of English.

Instead of spending a fortune hiring translators and cutting down trees to print training materials in twenty different languages, ManageMen decided to create a curriculum for cleaning workers to learn a new professional vocabuarly. The new language is known as œ(OS1)ian�. (OS1) Coaches and Trainers teach everyone on the cleaning team, even those who already speak English, the new language together.

The (OS1)ian Advanced Light Duty Terms provides (OS1) Coaches a method of expanding the terminology for their Light Duty Specialists. It includes 29 terms that any (OS1) Light Duty Specialist needs to know in order to perform their job. This kit includes:

10 - (OS1)ian Advanced Light Duty Terms Worksheets (3 pages with 29 fill-in-the-blank Light Duty Terms)

1- (OS1) Coach/Trainer Answer Key

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