Job Safety Analysis

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Documents employees who are not physically capable of performing janitorial work. REV. 12 NOV 2014
Item #200-2028SU

“Anybody can be a janitor.” That is a common but false statement. Janitorial, custodial and housekeeping work is both physically and mentally challenging. A leading training expert in the janitorial field estimates that a janitorial worker needs to perform 4000+ separate functions. The (OS1) Job Safety Analysis form assists an organization in documenting those employees who are not physically capable of performing janitorial work. The (OS1) Job Safety Analysis was developed in collaboration with the assistance of safety experts in a Fortune 50 company, a Fortune Top Ten Best Employers company, and three major universities. It has been used successfully in both union and non union work environments.

The form contains a detailed safety analysis of the (OS1) job. It contains a job summary, in depth description of tasks and competencies by (OS1) cleaning specialists. It documents the expected physical demands by frequency, items handled, distance of travel and force/weight exertion. It also lists the seeing, hearing, environmental and atmospheric requirements. Tools and safety equipment necessary are also listed. There is also a section for physicians to certify restrictions and work modifications based on a physical exam and comparison to the physical demands of the job.

Available in packages of 10 Job Safety Analysis'. REV. 12 NOV 2014
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