Visually Instructive Workplace "How to" Brochures

Item #200-2030VIWB

Sold in a package of 5 Visually Instructive Workplace "How To" Brochures.
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Item #200-2030VIWB

The most important objective of inventory control is to determine and maintain an optimum level of investment in the inventory necessary to operate a cleaning organization. The (OS1) Visually Instructive Workplace brochure is a required reference for cleaning organizations involved in the process of standardizing cleaning tools and materials. The brochure simplifies setting up and maintaining the (OS1) Logistics Program. The four page (OS1) Visually Instructive Workplace brochure contains the most recent listing of (OS1) Max/Min shelf labels. Utilizing illustrations and reference lists it assigns the location of both large and small (OS1) shelf labels in Check-in Areas, Control Cabinets, Pantries and Bulk Storage Areas. Sold in packages of 5 Visually Instructive Workplace "How To" Brochures.
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