(OS1)® Trainer by John Walker

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Study guide for the (OS1) Trainer Certificate Holder Program. 368 pages, Version 4.0, REV 1 JULY 2021
(OS1) Trainer: A Study Guide for (OS1)® Trainers, is a pioneering effort for facility management to provide a prescriptive training standard for cleaning workers. It provides organizations and their trainers a proven system that teaches professional cleaning techniques and tools. The guide is a comprehensive, step-by-step curriculum for introducing workers to the engineering, science, and professionalism of cleaning.

The benefit of prescriptive standards is they simplify product development, reduce unnecessary duplication, lower costs, increase productivity, promote safety, and permit interchangeability, compatibility, and interoperability. They help to advance scientific discovery and keep people safe by minimizing injuries and protecting key environmental resources. All proven benefits of the (OS1) System.

Facility management organizations that have struggled to maintain consistent custodial services in a world of ever-changing products, unforeseen environmental demands, and untrained employees, now have a blueprint to adopt benchmarked best practices. The information in this study guide is the result of voluntary collaboration. It is the distilled wisdom of tens of thousands of workers, in thousands of facilities over decades of development.

Traditional approaches to custodial management have been generic and personal. The lack of standards in the cleaning industry is the source of enormous waste.

368 pages, Version 4.0, REV 1 JULY 2021
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